A campaign budget sets the maximum amount that the campaign can spend in a day or over all time. Once the campaign budget is reached, the campaign stops bidding on impressions.

The Budget section on the General tab also lets you set pacing controls, flight dates, and dayparting.

The Default CPM Bid gives an approximation of what you would pay for 1000 impressions. You can adjust this value as needed, but these values are in place when you create a new campaign:

  • Retargeting campaigns: $8.00 CPM
  • Video campaigns: $15.00 CPM
  • Audience and contextual campaigns: $4.00 CPM

In the Budget field, specify how much you would like your campaign to spend.

The budget can be Daily or for All Time:

  • Daily: The budget applies for each day between the start date and end date. (A $100 daily budget spends $100 every day that the campaign is live.)
  • All Time: The budget applies for all the days between the start date and end date combined. (A $100 budget spreads $100 across all the days that the campaign is live.) The minimum all-time budget is $2.00 USD.


If you want the chosen budget to be spread evenly across the day or across the flight, set Campaign Pacing to On. Under most circumstances, you will want to choose this option, as the large amounts of inventory available could cause your budget to be spent early in the day. See Campaign and Group Pacing.

Note: Campaign pacing supports dayparting, if you don't select Use Local Times. (This means you must specify your times in the Eastern time zone, and daylight saving time is observed.)

Although you cannot turn both group and campaign pacing on simultaneously, you can turn either one off or on at any time. It is important to note that if you change the campaign's pacing mid flight, the pacing system will adjust according to the new selection. That is, it will either start spending evenly through the day, or try to spend as fast as possible from that point on.

Flight Dates

Flight Dates control the start and end of the campaign. Flight dates are set in Toronto time (Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time).

  • All Days: Campaigns go live as soon as they are enabled and linked to an eligible ad.
  • Date Range: Campaigns go live at midnight at the beginning of the start date and stop bidding at midnight at the end of the end date.


Dayparting options let you choose which hours each day the campaign can bid on impressions.

If you want a campaign to run past midnight, set two rules, one that covers the hours before midnight and one that covers the hours after midnight. For example, to run a campaign from 11:00pm to 4:00am every night, you set these two rules:

If you select Use Local Times, dayparting takes place in the users' time zones. Otherwise, the hours represent Eastern Time, and daylight saving time is observed.

For example, if you are running a nationally (US) targeted breakfast campaign that is only supposed to run from 6:00am to 9:00am, then Use Local Times ensures that the ads are seen from 6:00am to 8:59am wherever the users are, as opposed to Eastern Time. Reporting will show that there was spend from 06:00am through 11:59am, which is correct since reporting is in Eastern Time. (6:00am to 8:59am PT is 9:00am to 11:59am ET).

Service Provider Add-Ons

If you are using any third-party service providers, enable Service Provider Add-Ons to include them in this campaign. See Service Provider Add-Ons for more information.