Selecting Inventory

When you create a campaign, use the Inventory tab to control where your impressions can appear. In this tab, you can:

Selecting Exchanges, Domains & Apps, and Domain Lists

In the Inventory tab, click Select Inventory. You can then set up the exchanges, domains & apps, and any domain lists you want to use.


By default, your campaign bids on impressions from all exchanges. You can also choose specific exchanges that you want to use by clicking Select exchanges and checking exchanges in the list.

Click Next to move to the Domains & Apps tab.

Domains & Apps

By default, your campaign bids on impressions from all domains and mobile apps. You can also choose specific domains and apps to target Select domains & apps and checking them in the list.

Click the arrow next to the domain or app name to select it on specific exchanges only. For example, the campaign will target,, and on any exchange chosen on the Exchanges tab, but it will target only through PubMatic.

Filters help you find the domains and apps you're looking for in this very long list. See Available Inventory for more information.

Click Next to move to the Domain List tab.

Domain Lists

If you want to further control your inventory with a domain list (either an allowlist or a blocklist), select it in the Domain List tab. See Domain Lists, Using Allowlists and Blocklists and Domain Lists for Mobile Apps for more details.

Exchange Bid Multipliers

You can increase or decrease the bid amount for specific exchanges in the inventory tab. For more information and instructions, see Bid Multipliers.

Supply Path Optimization

Basis DSP provides options to help you avoid ad fraud and have greater control over the inventory that your campaign targets, including more integrations, fewer duplicate impressions, and more direct traffic.

Under Supply Path Optimization, select any of these three options:

  • Exclude sites and apps without Ads.txt
    • Exclude site and apps that do not participate in Ads.txt. By default, campaigns bid on both authorized supply paths for sites and apps that do participate in ads.txt, and any supply path for sites and apps that do not participate in ads.txt.
  • Target direct publisher relationships only
    • Only bid on bid requests where a SupplyChain object is present, marked as complete, and contains no more than one hop. By default, campaigns target inventory no restrictions on the number of hops and the completeness of the supply chain.
  • Opt out of Supply Quality filtering
    • Opt the campaign out of the DSP's default supply quality filtering. This may expose your campaign to low quality supply paths and is not recommended.