Primary Conversions

When you set multiple conversions for a campaign, you set the primary conversions to choose ones are the most important.

Your campaign statistics keep you up to date on how conversions perform throughout the campaign. By default, statistics show data for all conversions combined. If you set some as primary conversions, additional columns display data those specific conversions. You can use this information to make more informed optimizations throughout the campaign and gain deeper insight into the campaign's performance.

Setting a Primary Conversion

  1. When you set up conversion tracking for a campaign, check Enable primary conversions.

  2. In the Primary column, select the conversions that you want to set as primary. You can select more than one primary conversions.

Note: You must enable click-through conversions to set a primary conversion.

Conversion Statistics

The statistics grids for your campaigns include separate columns for primary conversions, in addition to statistics for all conversions combined. Click Customize Columns to select which statistics you want to include in this grid.

Primary conversion statistics appear with the most important statistics:

  • Brand
  • Group
  • Campaign
  • Sites
  • Ads
  • Exchange Reporting
  • Daily Reporting
  • Hourly Reporting


Name Example Notes
Primary Conv. Total 3214

Primary conversions: All primary click-through and primary view-through conversions added together:

Primary CTC + Primary VTC

Primary Conv. eCPA $1.23 Cost per primary conversion:
(Total Spend) / (Primary Conv Total)

Primary CTC

2113 Primary click-through conversions: primary conversions recorded after a user clicked an ad in the campaign.
Primary VTC 1101 Primary view-through conversions: primary conversions recorded after a user saw an ad from the campaign but did not click through.
Primary CTC eCPA $1.87 Cost per primary click-through conversion:
(Total Spend) / (Primary CTC)
Primary Adv. Spend eCPA $2.49 Advertiser spend cost per primary click-through conversion:
(Adv Spend) / (Primary CTC)