Campaigns: The Basics

A “campaign” is an advertising term that’s widely used to describe a bundle of configuration parameters for an advertising initiative. In Basis DSP, this bundle of specifics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bid prices
  • Flight dates
  • Targeting rules (such as geography, device, time, context, or demographic) and/or specific exchanges or sites where the campaign runs
  • Conversion tracking

Campaigns work with ads, which define which creatives the viewer sees when your campaign runs.

Creating a Campaign

When you add a new campaign, you set up all the rules that define when and where ads are delivered. You'll generally follow these steps:

  1. Add the new campaign.
  2. Set up your campaign options.
  3. Link the campaign to one or more ads.
  4. Save the campaign.
  5. If any of the ads are eligible to run (that is, if they have passed the quality review process), the campaign can bid on impressions.

If your ads aren't ready yet (for example, if you're waiting on creatives), you can set up the campaign and save it, and then link it to the ads when they're available.