Available Inventory

By default, the Inventory tab displays all available domains and apps on Basis DSP. There are several ways to sort through the inventory and narrow it down to content that is relevant to you.


Click Filters to open a left-hand navigation menu, and then set up your filters:

  • App/Domain Type: Select between the two options, App and/or Domain.
  • Media Type: Select between Display and/or Video.
  • Device Type: Select one at a time between Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV (OTT), or Other.
  • Exchange: Select one at a time from the list of available exchanges to the particular advertiser. Note not all advertisers have access to all exchanges.
  • Categories: Select one at a time from a list of available IAB categories.
  • Country/Region: Select between the list of different countries and regions (for the US and Canada only).
  • Size: Select one at a time from the list of available ad sizes.

Once you’ve selected the filters you want to use, click Apply filters to narrow down your domain list.

If you know which domain or mobile app you’re looking for, you can type it in the search box.


Click on the applicable column header to sort the visible statistics in ascending order. Click the header a second time to sort in descending order.