Brand Assets

In the Brands view, when you select a brand on the top half of the screen, you see the brand's groups, ads, audiences, and conversions in the bottom half.


Navigation Tips

  • You can open brands, groups, or campaigns by double-clicking the Name field on the grid.
    • For each brand, you can see the Groups, My Ads, My Audiences, or Conversions view.

    • For a group, you see the Campaigns view.

    • For a Campaign, you see the Domains, Ads, Conversions, Exchange Reporting, Daily Reporting, or Hourly Reporting view.
  • You can switch views in the left-hand navigation as well as tabs above the bottom half of the split screen.


The global search box at the top of the screen lets you search all brands, groups, campaigns, and ads at once. You can search for names or IDs.

In the Brands view split screen, the search box in the upper left searches brand names and IDs. The search box in the lower left searches the selected brand's groups, ads, audiences, or conversions.


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