Editing Ads

How It Works

Once you've created an ad, you can update these ad properties:

  • Status
  • Name
  • Destination URL
  • Impression Tracking URL
  • Additional Tracking URLs (for videos)
  • VPAID Version (for VAST ads)

Any time you modify an ad's Destination URL or Impression Tracking URL, the ad reenters the ad quality review process.

When you edit an ad, you cannot upload a different creative file, modify an ad tag, or edit any of these properties:

  • Dimensions
  • SSL Status
  • Vendor Declarations

If you need to use a different creative, ad tag, SSL status, or vendor declaration, you can create a new ad, either from scratch or by copying a similar ad and modifying it before you click Create Ad.

Bulk editing: You can also change the Status or Destination URL for all ads or any selected ads.

Editing a Single Ad

To edit the status of an individual ad, simply click on the drop down in the status column, and change it from ON to either OFF or Archived.

To change the ad name, destination URL or impression tracking URL of the ad, click the grey Actions button and select Edit.


Editing Ads in Bulk

To edit the status or click URL of multiple ads, select the ones you want to change, and click Edit Checked.


If you modified the ads' Click URLs, the ads reenter the ad quality review process.

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