External Review

After an ad passes ad quality review, many exchanges require a second review before the ad can go live. AppNexus and Google statuses appear in the Review column on a campaign's Ads screen.

Each exchange's review process works differently.

ads_review_google_eligible.png Google

Ads are submitted to Google as soon as they are created in Basis DSP.

For help with disapproved ads, see Troubleshoot disapproved ads - Authorized Buyers Help (on support.google.com).

ads_review_appnexus_eligible.png AppNexus

Ads are submitted to AppNexus for review once the ad is online and eligible (after ad quality review). These conditions must all be met before the ad can start bidding:

  • The ad is online.
  • The ad passes ad quality review with an eligible status.
  • The ad has not been rejected by AppNexus.

If an AppNexus ad has not been used for 7 days, the AppNexus status expires. The ad cannot bid on AppNexus until it has been resubmitted.

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