Editing a Group

To edit a group, click the group's Actions button and choose Edit Group.


  • If you need to change budget or pacing information for a group with live campaigns, we recommend creating a new group with the new settings and archiving the old group.
  • If you change advertiser spend options, all advertiser spend reporting reflects your latest settings, including reports on previous days' numbers. This allows you to adjust your margins or markups retroactively. See Modifying Advertiser Spend for details.
  • You cannot directly move campaigns from one group to another. If you need to move a campaign from a group, create a copy of it in the new group and then archive the campaign in the old group.
  • You cannot delete campaign groups, but you can archive an unused campaign group so that it is no longer shown in your daily reporting.

Archiving a Group

Click the Status button and choose Archived.


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