General Options

No matter which type of campaign you are running, some basic options apply.


Initial Status – Specify whether you want to allow the campaign to start spending immediately once you save it. Note that flight dates still apply, so if a date range has been specified that is in the future, the campaign will not be eligible to spend until that time.

Campaign Name – To make it easy to find your campaign later, you should give it a descriptive name. For example, a retargeting campaign for ABC Plumbing might be called “ABC Plumbing – Retargeting.” 

Cross-Device – Enable cross-device support to consider unique viewers rather than individual devices for frequency capping, audience extension, and conversion attribution. See Cross-Device Support for more. 

Frequency Cap – Specify how many times you’d like your ads to be shown to an individual device or user. Frequency caps apply to individual devices by default and to users if the campaign uses cross-device support. By default, most campaign types deliver up to 3 ads every 12 hours and retargeting campaigns deliver up to 20 ads every 24 hours. 

Budget - See Budget for details. 

Location – By default, campaigns target the entire United States. However, you may specify specific locations to run your campaign. Location can be selected at the country, region (state/province), and city level. You can enter ZIP/Postal Codes for the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



You can control which devices your campaign targets on the Devices tab. See Device Options.

Inventory, Contextual, Audiences

Depending on the campaign type you have chosen, one of these will be the name of the next screen in the campaign creation process.

Inventory – Here is where you can pick which sites/apps your campaign runs on. This is available when running one of these campaign types:

  • Website Campaign
  • App Campaign
  • Mobile Web Campaign
  • Video Campaign

Contextual – If you are running a contextual campaign, this section will allow you to specify which contextual segments you would like to target. See Contextual Targeting.

Audiences – This section applies to audience or retargeting campaigns. You will be able to specify which audience segments or retargeting lists you want to target. See Creating a Retargeting Campaign.

Linked Ads

If the ads you want to use have already been created, you can link to them on the Linked Ads tab.

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