Search/Keyword Targeting

Search Targeting

Search targeting (also known as search retargeting) is based on the search queries of users. It is an audience-based targeting approach. Basis DSP offers search targeting through our data partner Datonics. Datonics collects search data from various partners and makes it available in the form of custom audiences. When using search targeting, your ads will appear to users who have searched for a phrase in past, regardless of what page they are currently visiting. There is a CPM fee for data usage.

Contextual Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is based on the words on a page. It is a contextual targeting approach. Basis DSP offers keyword targeting through our data partners Peer39 and Grapeshot. These partners scan the contents of a page and identify if the desired keywords are found. There is a CPM fee for data usage.

You can also use pre-built contextual targeting segments from Proximic, Peer39 and Grapeshot. For example, advertisers can choose to have their ads served only on pages that match chosen topical categories such as "Real Estate: Buying/Selling Homes" or "Fashion: Accessories," depending on the subject matter and target demographic of the campaign. There is a CPM fee for data usage. You can browse available contextual segments from inside of the Campaign Editor.

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