Finding Platform Deals

In the Private Marketplace view, you can use the search tool and filters to find the platform deals that are best for your campaigns.

Viewing Current Platform Deals

  1. Click Private Marketplace in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Under Type, select Platform Deals to filter for platform deals. 

Platform deals are also available when you set up your PMP campaigns.

Searching Current Platform Deals

You can search for deal names, IDs, publisher names, and exchanges.


In this example, searching for "hous" returns deals with "Houston" and "Housewarming" in the deal name, as well as deals from publishers whose names include the word "House."

Filtering Deals 

You can filter the list of deals by Exchanges, Format, Device Type, Inventory Type, Categories, Countries, Price, and Ad Sizes.


Each time you change a filter, the number of matching deals will update:


Select the exchanges that you want to work with. You can select multiple exchanges at once.


Filter for deals that support audio, display, or video ads. Deals may specify one format, multiple formats, or none at all.

To exclude deals that do not specify a format, select one or all of the options.

To view all deals, including those that do not specify a format, do not select any of the options.

Device Type

Impressions include information about the specific device that is used, including if the impression will be viewed on a desktop, phone, tablet, or connected TV (OTT). If you want a deal that is restricted to one of these types or a combination of them, select one or more of these options to filter for those device types.

Inventory Type

Use Inventory Type to find deals that are available specifically for desktop web traffic, mobile web traffic, or mobile app traffic.


Select the categories that you want the platform deals to include. All categories correspond to the IAB taxonomy.

If categories are listed, the deal can be used for impressions in these categories as well as uncategorized impressions.


Select the countries that you want the deals to target.

Min Price and Max Price

Enter a price range to narrow down the platform deals to the amount that you want to spend.

Ad Sizes

Select the specific dimensions of the ads that you want the deals to support.

Exporting Platform Deals

You can export the list of platform deals to a CSV file. The list must be no greater than 1000 deals. Use filters and the search function to pare the list down to under 1000 and click Export in the top-right corner to download your CSV.


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