Finding Platform Deals

In the Private Marketplace screen, you can use the search tool and filters to find the platform deals that are best for your campaigns.

Viewing Current Platform Deals

  1. Click Private Marketplace in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Filter for platform deals. Under Type, select Platform Deals.


Platform deals are also available when you set up your PMP campaigns.

Searching for Current Platform Deals

You can search for deal names, IDs, publisher names, and exchanges.


In this example, searching for "hous" returns deals with "Houston" and "Housewarming" in the deal name, as well as deals from publishers whose names include the word "House."

Filtering deals 

You can filter the list by selecting Exchanges, Format, Device Type, Inventory Type, or Categories.

Each time you change a filter, you can see the number of matching deals:


Select the exchange or exchanges you want to work with. You can select multiple exchanges at once, and you'll see deals that match any of your selected exchanges in the list.

You can deselect exchanges by clicking them a second time or click Clear to clear them all at once.


Filter for deals that require display or video ads. Deals may specify either format, both formats, or none.

  • Select Display to see deals that support display ads only or indicate support for both display and video ads.
  • Select Video to see deals that support video ads only or indicate support for both display and video ads.
  • Select both Display and Video to see deals that support display ads, video ads, or both display and video ads.
  • Select neither Display nor Video to include deals that don't specify support for a particular format as well as deals that do (all deals).

Device Type

Impressions include information on the specific device being used, including the if impression will be viewed on a desktop, phone, or tablet. If you're looking for a deal that's restricted to one of these types or a combination of them, filter for those device types.

Inventory Type

Use Inventory Type to find deals that are available specifically for desktop web traffic or mobile web or mobile app traffic.


Select categories if you want to find deals that apply only to certain categories. All categories correspond to the IAB taxonomy.

If categories are listed, the deal can be used for impressions in these categories as well as uncategorized impressions.

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