Sites and Domains

Note: If you started using Basis DSP after June 19, 2017, your system does not use site IDs, and this topic doesn't apply to you.

Basis DSP arranges inventory by exchange and by site ID as provided by the exchange. We show these site IDs by a site name in the user interface. You can choose to see the site ID by clicking the "Columns' button.

Ideally, a site ID contains only one single domain. However, in many cases, exchanges or their partners choose to pass us multiple domains in a single site ID. A site ID may represent a primary site and additional related sites, such as 35-419, This site ID represents the main site,, as well as additional sites that are a part of the bundle.  

Wherever possible, we show a name that is representative of the inventory contained in the site ID. Should you wish to ensure that your campaign solely runs on an exact set of domains, the best way to do this is to use the domain list functionality, whitelisting specific domains.

Creating a whitelist will ensure your campaign only serves impressions on pre-selected, singular domains. You may see different site names listed in reporting (as passed on the supply side), but upon clicking the 'more' button, it will become clear that you are serving exclusively on your whitelist.

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