Ads: The Basics

An ad combines one piece of creative media with details of how the content behaves when it is displayed. The creative media can be an image or video. The behavior details include a click-through URL, tracking pixels, and video events.

A simple ad could be an image with a click-through URL:


If you're using ad tags, an ad corresponds to a single ad tag.


Image and video files can be uploaded directly into the system, or you can use ad tags to point to creatives hosted by other vendors. No matter where your creative is hosted, you set up an ad for it in the DSP.

Ads and Campaigns

Campaigns and ads work together to show media to users. The campaign controls the targeting (where and when the ad will show), and the ad controls the content and behavior (what the user sees when the ad appears and what happens when the user clicks the ad).

A campaign can be linked to one or more ads.

Ad Status

An ad's status controls its availability for delivery.

  • ON: The ad is ready for delivery and can be used by any campaign linked to it. Once the ad passes Ad Quality Review, it goes live.
  • OFF: The ad is offline. Campaigns can link to the ad, but the ad will not be delivered.
  • Archived: The ad is no longer in use. When you archive an ad, it does not appear on the My Ads page by default. (Use the Filters dropdown to search for archived ads.)

My Ads Screen

Inside each brand, you use the My Ads screen to manage the ads for that brand.

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