Bulk Uploading Image Ads

You can upload multiple image ads at once in a ZIP file (max 10 MB) that includes your creatives and one Excel file that contains details about each ad. The Excel file is optional, but is useful if you are uploading a large number of ads. The spreadsheet must have one row per ad with the following column headings:

  • Ad Name
  • Image Filename
  • Destination Click URL
  • Impression Tracking URL


We included a template file that you can download from the Bulk Upload Images window.

The name of the Excel file is arbitrary, but it must follow this format. The number of rows must match the number of creatives in the ZIP, and the image filenames must match the names of your creative file names exactly, including extensions (e.g. .jpg, .png). Additionally, you can include standard Basis DSP macros in the destination URLs and impression tracking URLs.

If you do not include an Excel file, you have to manually enter the ad properties for each creative separately.

To upload your ads, open the desired Brand. In the My Ads view, click New Ad and under Bulk Create, select Images.


In the upload window, select a ZIP file containing your creatives and optional Excel file. If you do not include an Excel file, complete these fields for each ad:

  • Name: Give the ad a descriptive name.
  • Destination URL: Indicate the landing page to which the ad will click through. This URL often points to an intermediate tracking server, which in turn sends the user to the landing page.
  • Impression Tracking URL (Optional): If you are using a third party impression tracker, you can input the URL to track impressions for the ad. Even if you leave this field blank, Basis DSP automatically tracks impressions for you.
  • SSL Status: Check this box if the ad is safe to serve on secure inventory.
  • Brand Domain: If the default domain does not apply to the ad, edit it now. You cannot edit the brand domain after you create the ad. The domain should not include a protocol (https://) or landing page.
  • Brand Categories: If the default categories do not apply to the ad, edit them now. You cannot change these categories after you create the ad. See Brand Domains and Categories for details.

You can select multiple ads to perform bulk edits in this window.


Click Create Ad. You see the ads on your dashboard.

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