Copying a Group

When you copy a group, you create a new group that contains copies of all campaigns in the original group.

  • The default group name is "Copy of Original Group Name". You can edit this before initially saving the group.

  • Each copied campaign is named "Copy of Original Campaign Name" by default. You can edit these names in the campaign options.

  • By default, all of the original group's campaigns are copied to the new group, except archived campaigns. You can choose which campaigns to copy before you save the new group.

  • The initial status is OFF for all copied campaigns.

  • Because the group and campaigns are new copies of the originals, any statistics from the original group do not carry over to the new group.

A copied group will belong to the same brand as the original.

  1. From the group's Actions button, choose Copy Group.

  2. In the Copy Group dialog, adjust the group settings as needed. Group settings are described in step 2 of Creating a New Group.


  3. By default, the process copies all of the campaigns that aren't archived to the new group. You can remove any of the campaigns on the Campaigns tab.


    Click the X next to the campaign to remove it.

    If you want to copy the group's archived campaigns as well, click Copy archived campaigns.

  4. Click Save Changes.

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