Device Options

Note: We have updated our device targeting taxonomy and some makes and models have been changed or removed. Active campaigns will continue to target these makes and models as expected, but they will be marked as hidden in the campaign's device options. Once a hidden make or model is removed, it cannot be targeted again.

You can control which devices your campaign targets on the Devices tab. You can narrow down your targeting to specific makes, models, operating systems and versions, browsers, and browser language.


Device Type

Select Target specific types to target by device type:

  • Desktop
  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Connected TV (OTT)


Enable Target only trackable devices to only target impression where the mobile advertising ID or DSP cookie ID is available in the bid request.

Note: The list of makes and models will filter based on your selections. For example, if you choose to only target Phones, the list of makes will only show phones. If you only select Apple from the list of makes, the list of models will only show Apple phones (iPhone).


Select Target specific makes to target by device make. If you selected specific device types, this list will only show relevant makes (e.g. if you selected Phones and Tablets, you will not see any television devices).

Find the makes that you want to add and click Target. Click Delete (X) to remove a make from targeting.



Select Target specific models to target by device models. If you selected specific makes, this list will only show relevant models.

Find the models that you want to add and click Target. Click Delete (X) to remove a model from targeting.


OS & Version

Select Target specific OS's (Desktop and Mobile) to target by specific operating systems and versions.

Use the dropdown menu to find the OS, and enter the minimum and maximum versions in fields to the right. Click +Add Another OS to target more operating systems.


Browser Language 

Select Target specific languages to target by the user's browser language. Find the languages you want and click Target.

A campaign can also target impressions with an unknown browser language. If you select Also target browsers with unknown language, the campaign targets impressions where the language is not specified or if the specified language is not in the Basis DSP system.


Note: Keep in mind that this feature looks directly at the language setting for the user's browser. If you want to target websites that are in a particular language, use contextual targeting

User Agent Targeting

Custom user agent targeting gives even more granular targeting of browser and operating system by letting you enter patterns to match against the user agent in the bid request. % is wildcard.


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