Device Options

You can control which devices your campaign targets.


Device Types

If your campaign should run only on desktops, phones, tablets, or connected TV (OTT) (or a particular combination of those, like desktops and tablets), choose Target Specific Types and select the types you want.


Target only trackable devices

Targets only impressions where the mobile advertising ID or DSP cookie ID is available in the bid request.

Browser Language 

To target by the user's browser language, choose Target specific languages.

Find the languages you want and click Target.


A campaign can also target impressions with an unknown browser language. If you select Also target browsers with unknown language, the campaign targets impressions where the language is not specified or if the specified language is not in the Basis DSP system.   

Note: Keep in mind that this feature looks directly at the language setting for the user's browser. If you want to target websites that are in a particular language, use contextual targeting

User Agent Targeting

Custom user agent targeting gives even more granular targeting of browser and operating system by letting you enter patterns to match against the user agent in the bid request. % is wildcard.

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