Advanced Retargeting Strategies

Advanced Targeting Mode gives you full control of who is targeted and when.

Retargeting Users for a Limited Time

You might not want to target your users indefinitely. Instead, you might want to retarget them for a specific number of days after they visit your site and then stop. You can set this window of time from the first time they visit your site (after first pixel access) or from the most recent time they visited your site (after last pixel access).

  1. In the Audiences tab of the campaign editor, select Advanced Targeting Mode.
  2. Select the audience you want to target and click Add as New Group.
  3. Click the Apply rules indefinitely dropdown menu. Select Apply rules from day and enter the number of days to target. The defaults are 0 to 14.


    This campaign will only target users for 14 days after the first time they access your site. Revisiting the site will not affect the status of the campaign pertaining to that user.

    If you want the campaign to react to the most recent time the user accessed your site, the rule should be changed to after last pixel access. In this case, the 14-day window resets every time the user re-visits the page.

Excluding Audiences

You can also use Advanced Targeting Mode to exclude audiences from targeting.

  1. Select the audience that you want to exclude and click Add as New Group.
  2. Click Target and select Exclude.
  3. Set the timeframe during which the campaign excludes this audience from targeting.

    For example, let's say you do not want to target individual users until 2 days after the first time they visit your website. Click Apply rules indefinitely and select Apply rules from day 0 to 2. Set the rule to after first pixel access.


    It is also possible to stop targeting individual users after a set period of time. Select the audience that you are already targeting from the audience list and click Add as New Group again. This time, use Target. Set the range of days after which you want to stop targeting each user (e.g. 3 to 92).


    It is important to note that since after first pixel access is selected, the campaign will stop targeting each user after 92 days even if the user visits your webpage again. "First access" refers to the first time they ever visited your site. If you would like to target them every time they visit your webpage, change after first pixel access to after last pixel access in both the target and exclude rules. Now, the campaign will reset its targeting cycle each time a user visits your webpage. In this case, waiting for 2 days to start targeting and then stopping 92 days after that.


Untargeting Converted Users

Your retargeting campaign might have a specific goal (e.g. signup, sale, form submission, etc.) Once that goal has been achieved (on a per-user basis), you no longer want to spend your budget advertising to those users. If you are selling a product, for example, you do not want to advertise to users who have purchased it.

To accomplish this, you need to create a second audience tag that you place on the Conversion Page of your website. Once the second tag is in place, create a retargeting campaign that targets your main audience and excludes the converted audience. Join each audience group with the And operator.


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