How do I create a click-to-call campaign?

To set up a click-to-call campaign, enter a telephone number as the destination URL when you upload an ad. Include the country code, the area code, and the prefix "tel:". For example:

  • tel: 14165551234


To make sure that the call connects successfully, enter the number as you would dial it on your phone to call the target geographic region. For North America, this means an 11-digit format, including "1" at the beginning of the number. Mobile phones will always accept this format, even if the call is local. You can include "+" before the number as well, but this is optional.

Additionally, the phone number should match your campaign's targeted region. For example, if the campaign targets the United Kingdom, you should enter a UK number.

It is important to note that clicking the ad does not automatically make a call. Instead, a phone app will open with the assigned number already entered. The user will have to press the call button to actually place the call. If this does not happen, there will be a mismatch between the number of clicks on the ad and the number of calls that you receive.

Note: We do not support premium phone numbers. To find out what constitutes a premium number, refer to Premium-rate telephone number on Wikipedia.

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