One-Time Reports

Pull a one-time report to view more granular stats, such as specific domains the campaigns ran on.

To pull this type of report, open the Reports tab from the left rail and select New One-Time Report in the top right.


Creating the Report

  1. Set the report details, including the report type, dimensions, groupings, date range, and interval.
  2. Choose the scope, brands, groups, campaigns, and conversions to include.

Step 1: Set the report details.

  1. Give the report a Name, one that you'll be able to recognize later.
  2. Select the report Dimensions.
  3. Delivery/Performance reports only: Choose the hierarchy level to Group By: Brand, Group, or Campaign.
  4. Set the Date Range, the dates to include in the report. The maximum date range for a report varies by the report type:
    • Delivery/Performance – Campaigns or Ads: 400 days
    • Delivery/Performance – Sites/Domains/Placements: 45 Days
    • Segment Reports: 45 days
    • Geo Reports: 180 days (data available as of June 1, 2016)

    Note: These date ranges are the maximum interval between selected dates. Report data is available as far back in time as possible, depending on the report type and when data became available.

  5. Choose the Interval: Lifetime, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly (available for select reports only).


Step 2: Set the report scope.

  1. Choose the brands, groups, and/or campaigns to include in the report. Some report types limit the number of brands, groups or campaigns you can select. You see this limit at the top of the dialog, if it applies.
  2. Optional: If you want to include conversion information in the report, select up to 50 conversions.
    • Conversion reporting is not available for Data Segment reports.
  3. Click Create Report.


Saving the Report

Once the report is generated, you will be able to download a CSV file by clicking Download from the Actions drop down.


Copying a Report

If you wish to copy the report for another campaign or date range, you can do so by selecting Copy from the Actions drop down. Clicking Copy will open the Report dialogue with all previous settings saved.reports_copying_updated_border.png


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