Understanding Pacing View Details

Pacing view shows each group's progress through yesterday, using these fields:  

Group ID

A unique identifier for the group.  
Name The name of the group.
Status You can change the group's (on, off, or archived) from this column.
Brand The brand that contains the group.
Days Remaining

The number of days until the group's End Date.

If a group has 1 day remaining, the flight ends today.  

Start Date The first day the group can deliver ads.

End Date

The last day the group can deliver ads.

OSI, or on schedule indicator, compares the advertiser spend or total spend to the advertiser spend or total spend that should have been spent by this date. If your campaigns continue to spend as they have so far, the OSI gives you a sense of whether or not they'll meet the target spend by the end of the flight. 

OSI assumes even delivery through the flight. If spending continues at its current rate, you can use OSI to project the total budget that will be spent. The closer an OSI is to 100%, the closer the campaign group is to hitting the target on time. 

OSIs can go over 100% if your campaigns are spending faster than needed to meet the target. An OSI over 100% doesn't predict overspend, since groups will stop spending if they meet their budget before the flight ends.


If you're viewing advertiser spend, the OSI calculation uses this formula:

advertiser spend to date / [(Max Billable / total number of days in flight) * days elapsed]

Notes on values in the formula: 

If you're viewing total spend, the OSI calculation uses this formula:

(total spend to date) / [(Budget / total number of days in flight) * days elapsed]

Notes on values in the formula: 

    • Budget is set when you set up the group
    • Days elapsed count through yesterday.


Let's say your Max Billable is $100 and your flight period is 10 days. After day 6, if your advertiser spend is $57, your OSI is 

$57 / [($100/10) * 6] = 95%

Key performance indicator, shown as a percentage of the goal (CTR, eCPA, eCPC, Completion Rate) that the campaign group has achieved.

Req. Daily Adv./Total Spend

Required daily advertiser spend or total spend, the amount that needs to be spent per day to deliver in full on time. 

Y'day Adv./Total Spend Yesterday's advertiser spend or total spend, which was spent the previous day.
Max Billable Advertiser spend only. Maximum amount to be billed to the end customer, based on the advertiser spend type and rate set for the group.
Total Budget Total spend only. The budget for the entire group.
Imps. Won Impressions won through yesterday.
Clicks Clicks recorded through yesterday.
Total Conversions Conversions recorded through yesterday.
Actual Margin %  Profit
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