Bulk Edit Locations

Note: As of July 14, 2020, Basis DSP has updated its location targeting database. Active campaigns that use the legacy version will continue to target selected locations, but bidding may not occur as expected. If you want to update its locations, you will have to do so through the campaign editor. You can only include campaigns that target legacy locations if you choose Replace existing location rules. If you select Add to existing location rules, you cannot include campaigns with legacy location targets.

When you edit multiple campaigns with the Bulk Edit Locations option, you can overwrite or add to the existing location targeting rules of the selected campaigns. Select an Action to determine how to apply the new rules.


  • To overwrite the campaigns' current location targeting, select Replace existing location rules. This deletes the existing rules and applies the new rules that you create.

  • To keep the current location targeting rules and add new ones, select Add to existing location rules. If any of the new rules target a location that overlaps with an existing location, the new rule overwrites the existing rule. For example, if an existing rule includes Boston and a new rule excludes Massachusetts, then the rule to exclude Massachusetts applies, and the rule to include Boston is discarded.

Any targeting rules that you create through the Geographic Locations, US Congressional Districts, DMA Code, and ZIP/Postal Code fields appear in the Selected Locations table below. Click Save to apply the new rules, or click Cancel to discard your changes.

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