Ad Optimization

When you use optimization, the ad optimization feature distributes the majority of impressions to your best-performing creatives.

Enable Ad Optimization in the Advanced section on the campaign's General tab. 


You can customize the way that your creatives are optimized by adjusting the Ad Optimization settings:

  • Goal – Choose your optimization metric: CTR, Event Rate, or Conversion Rate. By default, creatives are optimized by CTR, because it’s typically the first metric with which creatives are judged and optimized. 

  • Evaluation Group – Before reaching the minimum Sample Size, ads must be evaluated in a default group. By default, all new creatives are evaluated in the Control Group, so that they can receive enough SOV, and thus impressions, to reach the minimum Sample Size.

  • Evaluation Period – The evaluation period dictates the length of time with which the Auto-Optimization uses to make decisions and determine confidence. Typically, the longer the Evaluation Period, the more accurate the optimization. The Evaluation Period is measured in 6-hour increments. By shortening the evaluation period, decisions will be made quicker, which might skew the accuracy of the optimization since the sample period is too short.

  • Sample Size – You can specify what you believe to be a significant sample size for optimization. This number should theoretically be higher for evaluating Conversion Rate, but for evaluating CTR, 10,000 is generally a good sample size for banner ads.

  • Control Group Size – “Control” is another word for highest-performing creatives. By default the best 20% of creatives are considered the “control group”. Lowering this setting reduces the amount of ads in the top-tier group, resulting in fewer “control” ads.

  • Control Group SOV – The Control Group SOV (share of voice) controls what percentage of impressions will be given to your best creatives. By default, 80% of traffic will go to the top-performing 20% of ads.


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