Centro Certified

Centro Certified is Centro's education program designed to help you master your campaigns. Backed by subject matter expertise, Centro Certified courses teach you the basics of digital advertising, enhance your programmatic knowledge, and build out your capabilities in Basis to take full advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

These courses are free for 2021 with flexible course options: learn on your own time with on-demand courses, or join live virtual events featuring presentations from different experts.

Click here to access Centro Certified.

Note: You cannot use your Basis login to access Centro Certified. Create a new account through the Centro Certified website.

Centro Certified is made up of three series: the Essentials Series, the Basis Series for Self-Serve Customers, and the Basis Series for Path to Self-Serve Customers.

Essentials Series

These on-demand courses provide an introduction to the world of digital advertising, designed for practitioners of all levels. Courses include:

  • Search Essentials
  • Social Essentials
  • Digital Media Essentials
  • Programmatic Essentials

Coming soon: Data Essentials, Direct Buying Essentials, and TV Buying Essentials.

Click here for more info about the Essentials Series.

Basis Series for Self-Serve Customers

Note: Clients using the standalone DSP can access our on-demand BDSP Foundations courses. For more information, follow the link found on the Basis Series site.

These courses provide foundational training exclusively for Basis self-serve customers to learn the ins and outs of Basis. These courses are available either on-demand or through a combination of on-demand and live virtual classes, where different subject matter experts come in to present and meet with Basis users.

Basis Series courses are broken down into three streams: Intro to Basis, Basis Foundations, and Basis Foundations 2.0.

Intro to Basis

If you're new to Basis and want to get started right away, these courses help you understand how to set up and launch your first DSP campaign.

Basis Foundations

These courses are designed for Basis users who have launched 1-5 campaigns. Topics include real-time bidding, optimization, data, custom segments, private marketplaces, conversion tracking, and more.

Basis Foundations 2.0

Foundations 2.0 gives users with a firm understanding of campaign setup the chance to level up their game and dive into the next layer of digital media. Topics include quality and compliance, more campaign optimization settings, cross-device targeting, audio, video, and native advertising, advanced retargeting strategies, and more.

Click here for more info about the Basis Series.

Basis Series for Path to Self-Serve Customers

The Basis Series for Path to-Self-Serve (PTSS) Customers covers the same topics as the Basis Series, but provides additional workflow and PTSS onboarding overviews. This series is on-demand only.

Click here for more info about the Basis Series for PTSS Customers.

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