Viewability, powered by Pixalate, lets you know how many of the impressions you won were viewable (appeared on the screen). Viewability information appears in your campaign delivery/performance reports, and you can manually optimize for domains, placements, and exchanges that are meeting your viewability goals.   

When your campaign measures viewability, you'll have access to these metrics, displayed along with the other campaign statistics and domain statistics:

  • Total eligible impressions: impressions against which Basis DSP can measure viewability.

    Currently only desktop web and mobile web can be eligible impressions. We cannot measure viewability on video or mobile app impressions.

    If your campaign wins 1000 impressions, the eligible impressions must be equal to or less than 1000.  

  • Total measured impressions: impressions which Pixalate's script was able to determine if they were viewable or not. 

    If your campaign has 500 eligible impressions and 5 of those could not be determined, the total measured impressions would be 495. 

  • Total viewable impressions: impressions which the script was able to deem viewable. 

    If your campaign has 495 measured impressions and 85 of them were not viewable, the campaign has 410 viewable impressions.  

  • Measured rate: (total measured impressions / total eligible impressions), as a percentage. 

    If the campaign has 495 total measured impressions and 500 eligible impressions, the measured rate is 495/500 = 99%.

  • Viewable rate: (total viewable impressions / total measured impressions), as a percentage.

    If the campaign has 410 total viewable impressions and 500 measured impressions, the measured rate is 410/495 = 82.83%.


  • Pixalate viewabilty can be used with or without pre-bid viewability solutions through other data partners. 

  • Viewability is only measured for display inventory (desktop and mobile). 

  • Viewability for video inventory is not available at the moment.

Viewability Reporting

The delivery/performance report includes viewability data for all campaigns in the report, including these metrics: 

  • Total Eligible Impressions
  • Total Measured Impressions
  • Total Viewable Impressions
  • Measured Rate
  • Viewable Rate 


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