Contextual and Brand Protection Sets

When you've arranged your contextual or brand protection segments and logic in a way that you might want to use again, you can save them as a set. A set includes:

  • one or more segments
  • target/exclude rules 
  • AND/OR targeting relationship between the segment rules

You can use a set in as many campaigns as you like.

If you apply a set to an existing campaign, the set overwrites all previously existing segments.

Saving a Set

  1. Select all desired segments from the available Third-party segments.

  2. Set targeting relationships between segments (AND/OR).

  3. Set targeting rules for each segment (Require/Exclude).

  4. Click Save as new set.


  5. Give the set a name and click Save Set.


    You'll find your set in My Sets for any campaign. 


Note: Sets cannot be edited directly.

Modifying a Set 

  1. Select the set in your campaign. If the set isn't used by a campaign, add it to one.

  2. Make your changes: add or remove rules, change relationship between rules, etc.

  3. Click Save as new set.

  4. Optional: Delete the original set.

Deleting a Set

  1. In the My Sets tab, click the X next to the set. 


    If a set is used in a campaign and later deleted, the campaign continues to target all the segments that used to be part of that set.
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