Creative Flighting

Note: This feature is in beta and is only available upon request. Please contact for more information.

You can set specific start and end dates for the ads that you link to your campaign. This is useful if you have more than one ad in your campaign and if you have sets of ads that you want to serve over certain date ranges. With creative flighting, you can switch ads automatically during your campaign.

You set flight dates in the Linked Ads tab in the campaign editor. You must first link ads to your campaign before you can set flight dates.

  1. Click Add in the Flight Dates column.


  2. In the Edit Flight Dates window, enter a Start Date and an End Date. To add more flight dates, click Add flights. You can add up to 10 date ranges per ad.


  3. Save your flight dates.

To edit flight dates, hover over the flight dates that you want to change and click the Edit button. You can also bulk edit flight dates by selecting ads and clicking Bulk Edit Flight Dates. Bulk editing replaces any previous sets of flight dates.

Note: By default, ads run for the dates defined at the campaign or group level, if they are set. The creative flight dates that you set must fall within those dates. Additionally, while creative flight dates don’t dictate bidding, no bidding will occur if there is a gap between your ads’ flight dates.

For example:

  • Campaign Dates = May 1 - May 15
    • Creative A Flight Date = May 1 - May 5
    • Creative B Flight Date = May 10 - May 15

In this case, bidding will not occur at all between May 6 and May 9. (However, if there is a creative in the campaign that does not have set flight dates, then bidding for that creative occurs throughout the entire duration of the campaign.)

The campaign's budget pacing does not take creative flight dates into account. If the all-time budget for the example campaign above is $150 with even pacing, then the campaign calculates 15 days of even spend to be $10/day.

So, the campaign spends $10/day from May 1 to May 5, when the first creative is set to run. Between May 6 and May 9, when there is a gap in creative flighting, the campaign does not spend at all. On May 10, when Creative B is set to run, the campaign redistributes the unspent budget and recalculates its daily spend. In this case, it comes to $20/day for the remainder of the campaign.

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