Audience Sets

Audience sets, like contextual and brand protection sets, allow you to save audience targeting profiles so you can easily re-use them across campaigns and groups.

An audience set includes:

  • One or more audience segments
  • Target/exclude rules
  • AND/OR rules between the segments and groups

Audience sets exist at the brand level. You can apply them to any campaigns within the brand.

When you apply an audience set to a campaign, it becomes a unique application of that set. This means that you can edit the audience within the campaign without impacting the original template or any other campaigns that use the same set.

If you apply a set to an existing campaign, it overwrites all previously existing audience targeting rules. Additionally, if you use a set in a campaign and later delete that set, the campaign continues to target the audience segments that were part of that set.

Creating Audience Sets

You create audience sets in the campaign editor. There is no limit to the number of sets you can create.

  1. Navigate to the Audiences tab of the campaign editor.

  2. Select the audiences that you want to Target or Exclude.

    1. For more control over your rules, select Advanced targeting.


      • To add audiences to an existing group, select the group and click Add to Selected Group. Selected groups have a blue border.
      • Set the And/Or rules between audience segments and audience groups. And means that the user belongs to both of the audiences or groups. Or means that a user belongs to at least one of the audiences or groups.
      • Click the Apply rules indefinitely and after first pixel access dropdown menus to define the time period to target each audience group.
      • For more information, see Advanced Retargeting Strategies.
  3. Click New Set.


  4. Enter a Name. You cannot edit the name after you save the set.

  5. Click Save Set.

Editing Audience Sets

You cannot edit an audience set directly. To make changes to a set, you must open it in a campaign, edit the targeting rules, and save it as a new set.

  1. In the Audiences tab of the campaign editor, click My Sets to view your sets.
  2. Add the set that you want to edit.
  3. Adjust the rules and click New Set.
  4. Give the set the same name as the old set (or a new name, if you want) and click Save Set.

New audience sets appear at the bottom of the My Sets list.

To delete the old set, click the X button. Deleting the set does not impact any campaigns that use it. Those campaigns continue to target those audience segments as expected. To update the campaigns that used the old set, either edit each one individually or use the Bulk Edit Audience feature.

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