Bid Multipliers

Bid multipliers allow you to adjust your campaign's bid prices under different circumstances. For example, you can:

  • Increase the bid on mobile inventory, but not on desktop inventory.
  • Reduce the bid for users who have already seen an ad.
  • Adjust your bid depending on the exchange that is offering an impression.

You can apply multipliers to frequency, inventory type, and exchange.

How Bid Multipliers Works

Basis DSP expresses multipliers as decimals that range from 0.05 to 20. Multipliers smaller than 1 decrease the bid price, and multipliers larger than 1 increase the bid price. For example, if you want to bid twice as much for the first impression that a user sees, apply a multiplier of 2. To bid half as much for the third impression that a user sees, apply a multiplier of 0.5.

Any multipliers that you set up can apply to a single impression. Let's say your tactic has a default CPM bid of $5.00. A frequency multiplier of 2 applies because an impression is a first view, and a multiplier of 3 applies because the impression is on a preferred exchange. Therefore, the bid price increases to $30.00:

$5.00 x 2 x 3 = $30.00

Note: Select your max bid carefully. Multipliers can add up quickly if you apply them to all three options, but a multiplied bid cannot override the max bid of your campaign. To help you determine the max bid, we recommend that you manually calculate what the maximum potential bid of your multipliers could be and use that amount.

Using Bid Multipliers

  1. In the General tab of the campaign editor, select Use bid multipliers under the Basics section.


  2. Enter the Default Bid and the Max Bid for your campaign. The Max Bid is the highest amount that this campaign can bid on a single impression.

  3. Set your multipliers for Frequency Cap, Platform/Inventory Type, and Exchange. For more details, see the instructions below.

Remember, more than one multiplier can apply at the same time. Set your Max Bid carefully based on the maximum potential bid that your multipliers can produce.

Frequency Cap

Frequency multipliers change the bid depending on how many times the campaign delivers an impression to a single user within a window of time. You can apply multipliers to any of the allowed impressions. For example, if a campaign can deliver three impressions every 24 hours, you can apply different multipliers to the first, second, and third impressions within that time frame.

  1. Enable bid multipliers, then select On under Frequency Cap.


  2. Set how often you want to show the ad to a user. See Group Frequency Cap for more details.

  3. In the Frequency Cap Bid Multipliers table, set the bid multiplier that you want to apply for each impression that a user sees. Click the Edit button that appears when you hover over the bid factor. Multipliers can range from 0.05 to 20.

  4. Click Apply.

In this example, the bid increases by 5 times the default bid amount for the first time the user sees the ad within a 12-hour period. The second time that the user sees an ad, the bid multiplies by 3.5. For the third time, the bid multiplies by two, and for the fourth time, it remains at the default amount.

Inventory Type

Inventory Type multipliers change the bid price for impressions on desktop, mobile web, mobile app, or other inventory types.

  1. Enable bid multipliers, then select Platform/Inventory Type in the Advanced section.


  2. Select the inventory types that you want to target. See General Options for more information

  3. Click Edit to set the bid multiplier for the selected inventory types. Multipliers can range from 0.05 to 20.

  4. Click Apply.


Exchange multipliers increase or decrease the bid price for individual exchanges.

  1. Enable bid multipliers and navigate to the Inventory tab.

  2. Select your inventory, and under Exchange Bid Multipliers, click Add Exchanges.


  3. In the Add to Current Exchange List window, select the exchanges that you want to adjust your bid for and click Add to Exchange List.

  4. Click on the multiplier that you want to edit, enter the new value, and press Enter to save it. Multipliers can range from 0.05 - 20.


You can adjust bids for the campaign's individual creatives or for different creative dimensions. You must link ads to your campaign before you apply bid multipliers.

  1. Enable bid multipliers and navigate to the Linked Ads tab in the campaign editor.

  2. In the Bid Multipliers column, click on the multiplier that you want to adjust.


  3. Enter the multiplier value for this ad and press Enter. Multipliers can range from 0.05 - 20.00.

You can also bulk edit the bid multipliers for your creatives. Doing so gives you the option to apply different values to ads by dimensions.

  1. Select the ads that you want to adjust bid multiplier values for. You can select all ads with the bulk selector at the top of the selection column.

  2. Click Bulk Edit > Bid Multipliers.


  3. Select if you want to apply the multiplier to all of your ads or by ad dimensions.
    • If you select Apply to All, the value that you enter applies to every ad that you selected.
    • If you select Apply by Dimension, you can apply different values to different dimensions from the ads that you selected. For example:
  4. Click Save to apply your multipliers.

You can view your ads' bid multipliers in the Linked Campaigns grid on the My Ads screen, but you cannot edit them there.

How Optimization Works with Bid Multipliers

If the campaign has machine learning optimization enabled, bid multipliers only act when the campaign is in learning mode. When the campaign is in optimized mode, bid multipliers no longer take effect.

If a campaign has algorithmic optimization enabled, the DSP values the bid price that is generated by the system more than the price that is provided manually, so bid multipliers do not take effect.

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