Connected TV

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV (CTV) is a TV set that is connected to the Internet. This connection is made through built-in streaming services (e.g. a Smart TV), or an attached device like a media-streaming device (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast), a gaming console (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation), or a Blu-ray player.

Video advertising on Connected TV occurs during the in-app experience, similar to pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads seen on a laptop or mobile device, but the user experience is closer to a linear TV ad.

Over The Top (OTT) refers to streaming TV content because it's going "over the top" and circumventing traditional means of video delivery (satellite, cable, telco media video distributors). The term can be applied to any device where streaming TV can be watched.

Connected TV Inventory

To view our connected TV inventory, click Inventory in the main menu. Open the Filters and select Connected TV from the Device Type dropdown menu.


These filters are also available when you select inventory in the campaign editor.

Connected TV Exchanges

The exchanges with the greatest amount of CTV inventory are:

  • SpotX
  • Telaria
  • PulsePoint
  • FreeWheel

Rubicon, One by AOL, PubMatic, OpenX, Google and AppNexus also have some CTV inventory. Use inventory filters to get more information about every exchanges' CTV offerings.

Connected TV Deals

Basis DSP provides multiple private marketplace deals with TV content owners like AT&T and dish; premium distributors like Sling, tubi TV, and Vevo; and SSPs that are expanding their inventory such as Telaria and SpotX.

To view PMP deals for connected TV, click the Private Marketplace, open the filters menu, and select Connected TV from the Device Type dropdown menu. Change the Type to Platform Deals to see the deals available to all Basis DSP customers.

Targeting CTV Devices

Connected TV devices support most cross-device functionality, including:

  • Frequency capping (per person rather than per device)
  • First-party audience targeting (via Basis DSP audiences)
  • Custom third-party audience segments and your first-party data transmitted to us via a data management provider
  • Conversion attribution
  • Reach and frequency reporting (per person in addition to per device)
  • Standard third-party audiences

For more information, see Cross-Device and Connected TV in Cross-Device Support.

To target CTV in a campaign, go to the Devices tab in the campaign editor and select Target specific types next to Device Type.


Check Connected TV to target CTV devices. Clear the check box next to the other device types if you want to target CTV devices exclusively.

Ad Formats

Ad placements on CTV are bought and sold like digital video. See Ad Specifications for information about ad sizes and dimensions and Video Inventory on Premium Connected TV Inventory for important formatting details.

  • In-stream video ad placements. These ads run within the stream of the video content, similar to the standard TV environment.
  • Mid-roll placements. This format plays during video content and is best suited for long-form content.
  • Interactive pre-roll ads and home screen placements are not available on Basis DSP. Reach out to for more information.

Measurements for CTV

These are the metrics best suited for measuring the success of CTV advertising:

  • Impressions
  • Cost per completed view (CPCV)
  • Video completion rate (VCR)
  • Video quartile completions
  • View-through conversions
  • Unique device reach
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