Location Targeting Sets

Note: As of July 14, 2020, Basis DSP is using a new version of location targeting. You cannot add sets that use legacy location targets to your campaigns. You must re-create your sets using the new version of location targeting.

For more information, see New Location Targeting.

You can save location targeting rules as sets that allow you to easily target the same locations in different campaigns.

A location targeting set includes:

  • One or more geographic locations
  • Target/exclude rules

Location targeting sets exist at the brand level.

You create, add, and delete location sets in the campaign editor. There is no limit to the number of sets you can create.


Creating Location Sets

  1. In the campaign editor, add the locations that you want to target. See Location Targeting for more information.

  2. Click Save as New Set.


  3. Give the set a Name and click Save Set.

Adding a Location Set to Your Campaign

When you add a location set to your campaign, you overwrite the current location targeting rules.

  1. In the Location section in the General tab, click Add Set.


  2. Click Add Set in the window that opens to confirm that you want to overwrite the current location segments.


  3. Select the set that you want to use and click Add Set.

After you add a set, you can adjust the locations as required. This does not affect the saved set.

Location targeting sets are also available when you bulk edit locations, so you can add sets to more than one campaign at the same time.


Deleting a Location Set

When you delete a set, you will not be able to retrieve its location targeting rules, and you will have to recreate them manually.

  1. Click Add Set to open your list of sets.


  2. Click the X next to the set that you want to delete.


  3. In the confirmation window, click Delete set.

Deleting a set does not affect any campaigns that use that location set. Those campaigns will continue to target those locations as expected.

Editing Sets

There is no way to directly edit a location set. To make changes to a set, you must first add it to a campaign, make your changes, and save it as a new set. Then, delete the old set if necessary.

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