Campaign Forecasting

As you build a new campaign, the DSP uses the targeting and flight date information that you provide to give you an idea of how the campaign will perform. It forecasts the following parameters:

  • Maximum potential auctions
  • Estimated number of impressions
  • Estimated maximum spend

It will also show you the number of days left, spend to date, and impressions won to date.


As you make changes to your campaign, click the refresh button to update the forecast.

The data that the DSP use to calculate these projections include:

Forecasting does not account for bid multipliers, dayparting, cross-device targeting, or page position.

Bid Guidance

Click the information ("i") button in the top right to view the Bid Guidance side panel. This graph shows the relationship between Bid Price (CPM) and Forecast Impressions to help you determine your bid price.


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