Impression Tracking URLs

A third-party tracker allows you to track impressions in another platform. If you have a third-party impression tracker, you can insert the tracking URL when you upload an ad to record the ad's impressions. This is useful if your client requires an independent count done by their own tracking software.

Basis DSP automatically tracks impressions for you even if you do not provide an impression tracking URL.

Image Tracking URLS

You can add up to three image impression tracking URLs for each ad. If one or more of your impression trackers are not secure, the ad is not considered secure and will not be able to bid on secure inventory. For more information, see ATS Compliance.

Additionally, adding or changing impression tracking URLs will cause the ad to go through the ad quality review process again.

Note: The following ad types do not support impression tracking URLs: Ad Tags, VAST Audio, VAST Video.

Script Tracking URLs

If you have ad tag support, you can also add up to three script impression tracking URLs. You can only use script trackers with the following creative types:

Do not enter the entire tracking script. Enter the URL only, which is found in the src attribute of the script tag. If you are unsure about which URL to enter, contact your measurement vendor and tell them that you need to enter just a script URL in your DSP.

Important Notes About Native Ads

For native ads, there are some limits to tracker support:

  • Some native supply sources limit the maximum number of impression trackers allowed. Including more than one tracking URL may prevent the ad from bidding.
  • Script trackers are not supported on all native ad supply sources. If it is critical for the tracker to fire, use image impression tracking URLs.
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