Excel Templates for Bulk Uploading Ads

You can include an Excel (XLSX) file alongside your creatives when you bulk upload ads. The information in the file will automatically populate the ads' property info, making it much easier to upload a large number of ads. Simply include the XLSX file in the ZIP along with your creatives. If you do not include one, you have to manually enter each ad's details separately.

Blank template files are available for download in the Bulk Upload Image Ads and Bulk Upload Native Ads windows.

General Formatting Details

  • The name of the Excel file is arbitrary.
  • The number of rows must match the number of creatives in the ZIP (one row per ad).
  • Image file names must match the names of your creative files exactly, including extensions (e.g. banner_ad_200x600.jpg, banner_ad_200x600.png).
  • You can include standard Basis DSP macros in the destination URLs and impression tracking URLs.

Headers for Image Ads

  • Ad Name
  • Image Filename
  • Destination Click URL
  • Impression Tracking URL


Headers for Native Ads

  • Ad Name
  • Image Filename
  • Logo/Icon Filename
  • Brand Name
  • Headline
  • Body
  • Destination Click URL
  • Impression Tracking URL


Note: If you have multiple impression tracking URLs, include additional headers as required: Impression Tracking URL 2, Impression Tracking URL 3, Impression Tracking URL Script 1, Impression Tracking URL Script 2, Impression Tracking URL Script 3.

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