Monitoring Conversions

After you set up conversion tracking, you can monitor the progress of your conversion pixels on the Conversions page.

  • Number of Hits: the cumulative hits on your website. This count increments approximately every 2.5 hours.
  • Conversion Count: the number of conversions tracked. This count increments approximately every 2.5 hours.


You may see that the hit counts vary from moment to moment. This is because of the time delay and the conversion counter behavior.

To attribute conversions correctly, we must know about the impressions and the clicks, which often take some time to be received. Additionally, conversions can be attributed in many ways (e.g. based on a cookie, a mobile IFA, a postback), and can also come from universal pixels that send events to various audiences and/or conversions based on how their rules have been set up. The time delay ensures that we receive and process the information correctly.

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