Basis DSP's optimization technology gives you different approaches to maximizing campaign performance:

  • Algorithmic optimization adjusts the CPM bid price and status based on campaign goals that you set.

  • Machine learning optimization leverages machine learning and a unique algorithm to calculate the best price per impression based on the overall probability of achieving your campaign goals.

You can only enable one type of optimization at a time for a single campaign.

Enabling Optimization for a Campaign

  1. Create or edit a campaign.

  2. In the Budget section of the General tab, make sure that the campaign has a Start date and an End date. If the group specifies flight dates, campaign flight dates are optional.

  3. In the Optimization section of the General tab, select Algorithmic optimization or Machine learning optimization.

  4. Configure the optimization options. See these topics for details:

  5. In the Inventory tab, you can choose the exchanges that you want the campaign to run on. You can enable optimized campaigns to Run on Selected Exchanges or Run on All Exchanges.

  6. Adjust your campaign targeting and audiences, link creatives, and save the campaign.