Campaign Is Not Running

There are a number of reasons that might explain why your campaign is not delivering impressions. Follow this list to make sure that all of your settings are correct:

1. Does your account have funds?

Before your campaigns can go live, your account must have funds. If your account balance is below $5.00, your campaigns will not run. Click the account balance in the top-right corner to add funds to your account.

SOLUTION: Add funds to your account. See Adding Funds to Your Account for more details.

2. Is your campaign online?

If your campaign status is set to Off, it will not run. Change its status to On so that it can run. In the Campaigns view, click the dropdown menu in the Status column to change your campaign status.

SOLUTION: Set your campaign status to On.

3. Have your ads been approved?

Before a campaign can run, our ad quality review team must approve your ads. You can see your ads' review status in the My Ads screen or in a campaign's Ads view. Campaigns only run when the ad's status is Approved.

SOLUTION: Check your ads' review status. For more information, see Ad Quality Review Status.

If your campaign is denied, our ad quality team should have sent you an email informing you of why it was denied. Follow the instructions in the email to solve the problem. See Ad Quality Review: Explanations for more details about issues with your ads.

4. Has your campaign's budget been met?

If you set a budget for your campaign, the campaign won't run once the budget is reached. Keep in mind, it is possible to set a Daily or All Time budget. Use the campaign editor to change your budget.

  • Daily Budget - If you set a daily budget, check to see if the campaign has reached that budget for today.
  • All Time - If you set a lifetime budget, check to see if the campaign has reached that budget since it first went online. Use the date range selector to load stats from an earlier date up to today.

NOTE: Our pacing system will attempt to stop the campaign when there is $5 left in the budget. For example, if you set a $100 budget, the campaign may stop after $95. Adding an extra $5 to your budget allows you to work around this.

If you do not see a problem with your campaign budget, check the budget at the group level. Click the Actions button next to the group name and select Edit Group to review its settings.

SOLUTION: Increase your campaign's lifetime budget, or switch to a daily budget. If your budget is $5 or less, increase the budget to more than $5.00. See Budget for more information.

If there is no problem with your campaign budget, review your group budget settings. See Creating a New Group and Group Setup for Pacing View for more information about group budgets.

5. Are your Day Parting and Flight Dates correct?

Day Parting and Flight Dates are optional features that allow you to control the dates, days of the week, and times of day that your campaign runs. These features are found in the General tab of the campaign editor.

If you use Flight Dates or Day Parting, double check the settings to make sure they are correct and that there are no conflicts.

Additionally, if you set creative flight dates for the ads in your campaign, make sure that there are no unexpected gaps in the creative flighting that stopped your campaign from running.

SOLUTION: Change your Flight Dates or Day Parting to match the days and times you want the campaign to run and check your ads' creative flight dates for gaps. See Budget and Creative Flighting for more information.

6. Do the inventory sources that you selected support your creative dimensions?

Different websites and apps support different banner sizes. Depending on the inventory sources that you choose, you may have to add different creatives to your campaign. For instance, a website that only has 300x250 inventory will not support 728x90 banners.

Check the websites or apps in your campaign to see if they support your creatives' dimensions. This can be done in the Inventory view. See Available Inventory for more information.


  1. Add inventory sources that support your creatives' dimensions to your campaign. See Available Inventory and Selecting Inventory for more details.
  2. Add creatives to your campaign that support the available dimensions in your selected inventory sources. See Uploading Ads and My Ads Screen for more information.

7. Does your selected inventory support your Location Targeting and Hyperlocal Options?

Different websites or apps receive traffic from different countries around the world. Depending on how the publisher sets up their inventory, some countries may not be available. In the Inventory view, filter for the countries or regions that you want to target to see if your targeted country is available for the domain or app that you selected.

SOLUTION: Add inventory sources to your campaign that have available impressions in your targeted country. See Available Inventory and Location Targeting for more information.

Additionally, if you used hyperlocal options in your campaign, make sure they are set up correctly and do not conflict with your location targeting rules. For more information, see Hyperlocal Options.

8. Is your creative blocked on selected inventory sources?

Many publishers have rules about the type of content on their website or mobile app. Some publishers do not allow certain brand categories (for example, Automotive, Travel, Health) or creative formats (for example, Display, Video).

In the Inventory view, filter the list to see which domains and apps support your brand categories and creative formats.

SOLUTION: Add inventory sources that support your brand categories or creative types to your campaign. See Brand Domains and Categories for more information.

9. Is your retargeting list too small?

If you have a retargeting campaign, there are two main reasons why it might not be running:

  1. Audience is too small: If you have a very small number of users in your audience, it is possible that they have not been seen on any of the selected inventory sources.

    SOLUTION: Continue building your audience until it has more users, or wait until the users in your audience are seen on one of the websites in our inventory. See Basics of Retargeting and other Retargeting articles for more information.

  2. Inventory selection is too small: We recommend that you run across All exchanges and All domains & apps when you buy impressions for your retargeting audience. It is not possible to predict which websites your audience will visit, so it's best to search for them everywhere and anywhere. If you have applied a domain list to your campaign, this could also make it hard to find your audience.

    NOTE: Retargeting campaigns enforce run of network by default.

    SOLUTION: Edit your campaign's settings so that it runs on All exchange and All domains & apps, or add more inventory sources to your campaign. These settings are found in the Inventory tab in the campaign editor. For more information, see Selecting Inventory, Using Allowlists and Blocklists, and Domain Lists for Mobile Apps for more information.

10. Does your domain list match your inventory sources?

Allowlists and blocklists filter the inventory sources that you selected to either target or block specific domains and apps. Make sure that there are no conflicts between your selected inventory and your domain list.

For example, if you select as an inventory source but then apply an allowlist with only in it, the campaign will not buy impressions. This is because inventory from will never come from the domain.


  1. Remove the allowlist or blocklist.
  2. Update the allowlist or blocklist to match the inventory sources that you selected.
  3. Update the inventory sources to match the allowlist or blocklist.

See Selecting Inventory, Using Allowlist and Blocklists, and Domain Lists for Mobile Apps for more information.

NOTE: When using an allowlist, it is recommended to set your inventory to All exchanges and All domains & apps.

11. Do your brand protection settings match your inventory sources?

If you applied Brand Protection to your campaign, it may stop your campaign from running. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The inventory sources selected are not brand safe according to your Brand Protection settings.
  2. Basis DSP is unable to retrieve any brand safety information on the chosen inventory sources and cannot verify your Brand Protection settings.


  1. Change or remove your brand protection settings to allow your campaign to buy on the selected inventory sources. See Brand Protection/Brand Safety for more information.
  2. Add new inventory sources to your campaign that meet the brand protection requirements that you selected. See Available Inventory and Selecting Inventory for more information.