Pacing View

Pacing view helps you visualize the pacing and KPI status of your campaign groups, so you can understand how your groups are progressing toward their goals and whether they're on track to deliver the targeted spend by the end of the flight.

Select Pacing in the left navigation menu to see your groups' pacing:

Pacing view lets you see your campaigns' progress through yesterday. You can compare your groups’ pacing to the budget schedule and then make changes to individual campaigns as needed.

Group Requirements

To appear in pacing view, a group must have these three features set:

  • a budget
  • a start date
  • an end date

See Group Setup for Pacing View for more on setting up your groups.

Advertiser Spend and Total Spend

If you've set advertiser spend settings for your group, you can look at pacing with advertiser spend figures. If you don't use advertiser spend, you can still use pacing view, but with total spend figures.

  • Advertiser spend gives a better picture of the numbers you'll be reporting to your clients.
  • Total spend is available for all groups, with no special group settings required.

See Using Pacing View to learn how to switch between spend views.

On Schedule Indicator (OSI)

The OSI, or on schedule indicator, shows the actual spend compared to what should have been spent to date.

OSI assumes even delivery through the flight. If spending continues at its current rate, you can use OSI to project the total budget that will be spent. (An OSI over 100% doesn't predict overspend, since groups will stop spending if they meet their budget before the flight ends.)

OSI for total spend is calculated with

spend to date / ((budget / total number of days in flight) * days elapsed)

OSI for advertiser spend is calculated with

spend to date / ((max billable / total number of days in flight) * days elapsed)

See Understanding Pacing View Details for details.

Pacing and Uneven Delivery

Pacing view is designed to be used with groups that spend their budget evenly. When groups aren't expected to spend evenly, because Group Pacing has been turned off or otherwise limited through campaign settings, some pacing view measurements lose their meaning. For example, if a group intentionally spends 90% of its budget on the first day of a 10-day flight, its OSI will be 900%.

For these groups, you can use pacing view to measure values like spend to date, KPI, and daily advertiser spend, but you'll need to keep the group's special circumstances in mind when looking at OSI and required daily spend, which expect even delivery across the flight.