Using Pacing View

Pacing View helps you visualize the pacing and KPI status of your current campaign groups.

Opening Pacing View

Click Pacing in the left navigation menu to open pacing view.

In the top half of the pacing view screen, you see a list of groups and details for each group in the grid. See Understanding Pacing View Details for definitions for each column.

Filtering and Customizing the View


The search box lets you find groups by name or group ID.

Status Filter

You can filter the groups to narrow down your search.

Active groups are currently in flight. The group's start date is today or earlier, and the end date is today or later. The group doesn't need to be spending to be active.

Online groups have their Status set to ON.

Advertiser Spend and Total Spend

If you've set advertiser spend settings for your group, you can look at pacing with advertiser spend figures. If you don't use advertiser spend, you should view total spend figures.

To switch between spend views, select Advertiser Spend or Total Spend from the dropdown.

Sorting Groups by Column

Click on any column name to sort the groups by that column. Click the name a second time to reverse the sort order from ascending to descending.

Customizing Columns

To add or remove a column from pacing view, click Customize Columns.

In the Columns dialog, check the columns you want to see. Uncheck any you want to hide.

Exporting a CSV

To download the info you see on the pacing view grid, click Export.

The comma-separated values (CSV) file reflects any filtering or customizing you've performed on the grid.

Pacing View Graphs

Pacing view gives you visual representations of the selected group's performance at the bottom of the screen. These graphs also use advertiser spend and or total spend, depending on the selection you made for the grid above.