Ad Quality Review Status

When you create a new ad or edit an existing ad, the ad must pass through the ad quality review process to ensure compliance with the Basis DSP Creative Policy. Once a creative passes through the ad quality review process, it will be approved (eligible), denied, or placed on hold.

Your ads' quality review status is found in the My Ads screen:


When a creative is uploaded to My Ads, it automatically enters the system in "pending" status, prompting the Ad Quality team to initiate the review process.


Creative and landing page have been approved and the campaign is eligible to run on Basis DSP.


The creative has been denied because it is in violation of the Basis DSP Creative Policy. This means that either the creative and/or the landing page do not adhere to the ad quality standards of our publishers and exchange partners.


A creative is placed on hold status for several reasons:

  • Technical issues (for example, your ad tag is not rendering properly and appears broken or invalid)
  • Your creative is under review by our ad operations team because of issues pertaining to malware, automatic redirects, or other issues that prohibit your creative from running on Basis DSP
  • A member of our Basis DSP Support team has reached out to you in regards to an issue with your creative (for example, an invalid destination URL) and the issue has not been corrected within the specified timeline of one business day. In the event that your creative has been placed on hold, look for a message outlining why the creative has not been approved.