Brand Domains and Categories

When you create a new ad, you must provide the brand domain and brand categories for the ad. You cannot edit the brand domain and brand categories after you create the ad.

Brand Domain

The primary domain that represents the brand. Brand domains do not include the protocol (such as http://) or prefixes like "www."



Mobile apps should declare the domain of the developer. For example, use for Words with Friends.

If your brand does not have a related website, contact your customer success team to coordinate the appropriate brand domain to use.

Brand Categories

The type of product or service that the ad is about, such as Real Estate or Video & Computer Games. You can choose up to five parent categories for each ad.

Note: It is extremely important to declare both brand domain and categories correctly. Categories listed under "Sensitive Categories", such as Alcohol or Gambling, are especially important. This information is used to respect publishers' and exchanges' ad quality rules.

Some ads receive automatic review processing. Failing to consistently and correctly provide brand domain and categories will force us to disable automatic reviews under all circumstances.

Default Brand Domains and Categories

When you create a brand, you have the option to define the domain and categories that are assigned by default to all ads in that brand.