Companion Ads

Audio and video creatives can include a companion ad, an image that should be served with the audio or video ad. The images usually run next to the video or audio player, giving sponsors more visibility throughout playback and providing a place for audio ad listeners to click.

Companion ads are always included with a master audio or video ad. See Uploading an Audio File and Uploading Videos for more on attaching companion ads.



Companion ad impressions are not added to the total impressions for the campaign. For example, if a campaign has a single video ad that gets 5000 impressions and 2000 companion ad impressions, the campaign will show 5000 impressions. Companion impressions are tracked separately.

Clicks and Conversions

Clicks and conversions from companion ads are counted toward total clicks and total conversions for the master audio or video ad. Companion clicks and companion conversions are also reported separately. You can use these numbers to calculate the total clicks and conversions from the master audio or video ad.

For example, a video ad could receive 100 total clicks and 50 total conversions, with 20 companion clicks and 5 companion conversions. If you want to know how many clicks came from the master video, subtract the companion clicks from the total clicks:

total clicks - companion clicks = master clicks

100 - 20 = 80

View-through conversions (VTCs) are always attributed to the master ad impression.

Click-through conversions (CTCs) for videos are attributed to the master or companion click, whichever was most recent. (CTCs for audio ads will always be attributed to the companion ad, since audio ads aren't clickable.) When a CTC is attributed to a companion ad, the conversion is counted in the CTC columns for all reports.