Ad Preview

On the My Ads screen, you see a simple preview of many ads on the bottom half of the page.

  • Only hosted creatives and secure ad tags or VAST can be previewed on the My Ads page. Non-secure ad tags or MRAID creatives will not appear. Some ads (for example, expandables) may not appear correctly in this inline preview. Use the Ad Preview page for these.

For more information, you can preview the ad in its own tab. Click Go to Ad Preview in the Preview column of the ad you want to see.

Ad Preview lets you preview your ads in an environment that simulates live traffic as closely as possible, including population of macros with representative values. Certain types of ads cannot be previewed. These include most MRAID ads, as these are only intended to function in an app environment.

AppNexus has created an extension for Chrome to test MRAID ads on desktop. If you are using this extension and testing a secure ad, you will need to tell your browser to load insecure elements on the preview page as the extension makes a non-secure call to AppNexus servers.

You can also use the IAB MRAID Ads SDK Tester for Android and iOS. Open the source code of the preview page and copy everything between <td id="adBox"> and </td>. Transfer it to your mobile device and paste the code into the app. Both of these options are third-party solutions; Basis Technologies does not provide support for them.

Clicks Since Yesterday shows the number of preview page clicks (not clicks from live traffic). When you click the ad, you see this reflected in the Clicks Since Yesterday number, confirming that we can track the click. (For some unusual ad types it may be necessary to click the “refresh count” to see it increment.)

Checking Secure Status

If you have uploaded your ads as secure, the preview page will allow you to confirm that all elements of the ad are actually secure. Failing to check this might result in running ads that do not function correctly. The most reliable way to check this is using your browser’s built-in capabilities. The following instructions assume the use of Chrome. You may use other web browsers as well, although the steps will be slightly different.

First, look at the address bar of the browser. Check for the browser prompt showing that unsecure elements are attempting to load. If all elements are secure, it should look like this:

Notice the padlock and word "Secure."

If the ad is attempting to load non-secure elements, it will look like this:

Notice the "ⓘ" symbol and the lack of the word "Secure."

If you have already told your browser to load insecure elements anyway, it will look like this

You can determine which elements are insecure by opening Developer Tools. Click the Chrome menu button (to the right of the address bar – normally looks like "☰"). Choose More Tools > Developer Tools. Select the "Security" tab and reload the page. You'll see the non-secure element(s):