Brands: The Basics

Brands help you manage your workflow and assets for multiple clients. When you organize assets in Basis DSP, how you set up your brands depends on your type of business:

  • Agencies: Each brand represents an advertiser that you run campaigns for (for example, Ford, McDonald’s, Apple).
  • Marketers: If you are the actual marketer, you only need one brand.
  • Trading desks (or others that manage campaigns across multiple brands and agencies): You create a brand for each agency-advertiser combination (for example, “Omnicom – McDonald’s”).


A brand contains campaign groups, which contain campaigns (tactics).

Brands also contain ads, conversion pixels, and retargeting audiences. Ads, audiences, and conversions can be used by any campaign within the brand, but cannot be used by a campaign with a different brand.

For example, an ad can be linked to any campaign within one brand, but ads cannot be shared between brands. In the illustration above, Ad 1 or Ad 2 can be used by any of the Brand 1 campaigns (Campaign 1, Campaign 2, or Campaign 3), but not by any of the Brand 2 campaigns.