Campaign Statistics

To view your campaign statistics, click the Actions button next to a campaign and select Detailed Reporting.

Under Views in the left menu, you can navigate through the stats by:

  • Brands
  • Pacing
  • Inventory
  • Private Marketplace
  • Domain Lists
  • Reports

And within each Brand by:

  • Groups
  • My Ads
  • My Audiences
  • Conversions

You can also view the campaign stats at the bottom of the split screen. If you click the campaign, the same View menu appears horizontally.

Placement Statistics

Ad placement statistics are only available on a site or domain level. This data can be accessed from the Sites view or Domains view of the detailed reporting.

  • For sites: Click the Actions button of any site and select Detailed Site View.
  • For domains: Click the Actions button of any domain and select Placement Stats View.