Cross-Device Reports

Reports let you learn about users' interactions with ads across their devices and how customers are responding to ads in each of their devices. This information can help you improve targeting parameters to reach your desired KPIs.

Note: Cross-device reports only include data from when cross-device was enabled for a campaign. For example, say a campaign runs from Jan 1 to Jan 31 but cross-device is enabled from Jan 15 to Jan 31. A cross-device report pulled for Jan 1 to Jan 31 will only include stats from Jan 15 to Jan 31.

To create a cross-device report, select One-Time Reports or Scheduled Reports from the main navigation menu. Click the New Report button in the top right, and in the new report window, select Cross Device Report from the Report Type dropdown menu.

Cross Device - Reach by Frequency

This report shows the number of times a user saw an ad across all their devices. See Cross-Device - Reach by Frequency for details.

  • Frequency: the number of times an ad was seen.

  • Reach: the number of unique users and devices that saw an ad.

Cross Device - Reach by Device Type

This report shows how impressions were delivered across different device types. See Cross-Device - Reach by Device Type for details.

Cross Device - Reach by Audience

This report shows how a campaign targeting one or more audiences was able to reach the same user in other devices because cross-device targeting was enabled. See Cross-Device - Reach by Audience for more information.