Frequency Report

A frequency report shows the number of times a campaign's ads were shown to a unique device. Data for these reports is available from July 1, 2017. A report can cover up to 45 days.

The report returns both the frequency and impression reach for each campaign:

  • Frequency: number of times an ad from the campaign was seen
  • Impression Reach: number of unique devices in which an ad was displayed

Here is an example of a frequency report:

Note:A frequency report only shows conversions for the impressions that occurred during the report's date range.

For example, if a user generates a report from December 1st to December 10th, they might see 10 conversions in the frequency report. Those conversions all came from impressions that delivered between December 1st and December 10th. If they pull a Delivery/Performance report for the same time period, they might see 15 conversions because 5 conversions that occurred between December 1st and December 10th are associated with impressions that were served in November, but the user converted in December.

If campaigns aren't running with the Target only impressions with an ID option enabled, it is possible to see some discrepancy between frequency reports and all other reports. This is because impressions cannot be associated with a device/user so frequency and reach cannot be properly counted.

Report Data


When you set up a frequency report, choose the dimensions that you want to include.

Column Name



Campaign ID


The campaign ID.

Campaign Name SuperCool Scooters SummerBlast 2016 The name of the campaign.

Start Date


The first day of the campaign.

End Date


The last day of the campaign.



The number of times an ad from the campaign was seen.

If an ad was seen more than 50 times, the Frequency will be "50+"

Impression Range


The number of unique devices in which an ad was displayed.


Column Name



Imps. Won


The number of impressions won.



The number of ad clicks.



Click-through rate, calculated by this formula:

Clicks / Impressions

Total eCPM $4.57

Total effective cost per mille:

(Media Spend + Data Spend) / (Imps Won / 1000)

Total eCPC $3.35

Effective cost per click:

(Media Spend + Data Spend) / Clicks

Total eCPA $5.31

Effective cost per conversion:

(Media Spend + Data Spend) / (Total Conversions)



Click-through conversions: conversions recorded after a user clicked an ad in the campaign.



View-through conversions: conversions recorded after a user saw an ad from the campaign but did not click through.

Total Conversions


All click-through and view-through conversions added together:


CTC Revenue


Click-through revenue: revenue associated with click-through conversions.

VTC Revenue


View-through revenue: revenue associated with view-through conversions.

Total Revenue


Revenue associated with all conversions:

CTC Revenue + VTC Revenue

Media Spend


Amount spent on media.

Data Spend


Amount spent on audience data.

Total Spend


Total amount spent, equal to

Media Spend + Data Spend