One-Time Reports

Create a one-time report to view more granular stats, such as specific domains the campaigns ran on.

Creating the Report

To create this type of report, select One-Time Reports on the left menu and click New One-Time Report in the top right. There are two major steps to follow:

  1. Set the report details, including the report type, dimensions, date range, and interval.
  2. Choose the scope, brands, groups, campaigns, and conversions to include.

Step 1: Set the report details.

  1. Enter a descriptive Name for the report.
  2. Select a Report Type:
  3. Select the report's Dimensions. If you want to include conversion information as well, select Report on conversion pixels.
  4. Choose the hierarchy level to Group By: Brand, Group, or Campaign. For most report types, only one option will be available.
  5. Set the dates that you want to include in the report in the Date Range columns. The maximum length for a report varies by report type:
    • Delivery/Performance - Campaigns or Ads: 400 days
    • Delivery/Performance - Sites/Domains/Placements: 35 days
    • Segment Reports: 45 days
    • Geo Reports: 180 days (data available as of June 1st, 2016)

    Note: These date ranges are the maximum interval between selected dates. Report data is available as far back in time as possible, depending on the report type and when the data was created.

  6. Select an Interval: Lifetime, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly (available for select reports only).
  7. Click Next to proceed to the Scope tab.

Step 2: Set the report scope.

  1. Choose the brands, groups, and/or campaigns to include in the report. Some report types limit the number of brands, groups or campaigns that you can select. You see this limit at the top of the window, if it applies.
  2. Optional: If you chose to include conversion information in the report, select up to 50 conversions.
    • Conversion reporting is not available for Data Segment reports.
  3. Click Create Report.

Saving a Report

Once the report is generated, you can download a CSV file by clicking Available in the Status column on the One-Time Reports screen.

Deleting a Report

To delete a report, select the report and click Delete Report at the top of the One-Time Reports view. You can delete multiple reports at once by using the checkboxes and selecting more than one report. Check the box in the header row if you want to select every report.

Copying a Report

See Copying a Report for instructions on how to copy a report.